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Martha's classes:

​illumination & Inspiration

Singer/songwriter Martha Gallagher is an enigma that defies musical pigeon-holes. Her original songs glide in the blink of an eye from wailing blues to Latin grooves to Classical inspirations, from swingin' Jazz to vibrant contemporary Folk. Her songs are down to earth yet spiritual. As an actress and storyteller she illuminates the happenings of daily life as beautiful gems of the heart and soul for us to recognize, live and cherish. Add to that the unusual twist that her instrument of choice is not the expected guitar, or piano, but the HARP, bold and beautiful. And not just any harp; Martha’s one-of-a kind Orphan Harp, named Hope, must be seen and heard!

As Martha was finishing college ( BA: Performance, Composing, Arranging and Recording) she attended a music conference where she saw someone playing the Celtic harp. She immediately fell in love with the instrument. She built her first harp and, not knowing anyone who taught harp, she began a journey of discovery, teaching herself to play the lever harp.

martha gallagher