Does the hotel provide a shuttle from any of the nearby airports?
No, but here are web-sites for the local airports that provide comprehensive information for shuttles and private transportation to the Williamsburg Lodge...and there's always Uber!
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Where should I stay?

All activities take place inside the Woodlands hotel   Rooms are not included in your tuition and participants must book their rooms directly with the hotel. Be sure to ask for our discounted group rate, and remember, rooms are limited, so please book early!

Visit the Location page for information about hotel registration.

Is there storage space for my harp at the hotel?

Yes! We provide a harp storage room with access during class hours. We have never had any problems with harps in the past and the faculty and staff feel very comfortable using their own harps for seminar classes and concerts. We cannot guarantee the safety of your harp and we recommend that your harp insurance is current before attending the seminar. Beginning in the Middle cannot take responsibility for damage that occurs to harps during the seminar.

Should I bring my harp?

If you plan to participate in a harp ensemble or other classes marked "harp required," you must bring your own harp. You may want to bring your harp to other classes as well. Many participants find it handy to have their harps available to try out the new techniques and music they learn throughout the weekend. If you are uncomfortable moving your harp, please ask one of the many BITM staff members for assistance. 

Unfortunately, we do not have instruments available for rent, however, there are "shared" harps in many classrooms that you can use during classes. If you are not able to bring your harp, there is still plenty for you to do! Some of the workshops do not require you to have a harp and in many cases, a harp will be provided for you, such as in our popular Group Lessons. There are plenty of harps around, especially in the exhibit area, and you can often sit down at one of these harps to try something out. We guarantee there will be plenty for you to do and learn even if you cannot bring your harp.

Can I sign up for a private lesson?

If you would like instruction in a private setting, you can sign up for a 45 minute private lesson with a faculty member when you register. There is an additional $70 fee for a 45 minutes lesson payable directly to the instructor at the time of the lesson. Private lessons are extremely limited and most instructors fill their schedules before the start of the seminar, so be sure to indicate on your registration form if you would like a private lesson. The lessons will be assigned first-come, first-served based on the postmark or electronic date of your registration. If there are any free spaces available, you may sign up for a private lesson at the registration booth at the seminar.

What is a Group Lesson?

A group lesson is limited to four people who work one-on-one with the instructor for about 15 minutes. Others may observe but not participate in the lesson. You will all learn by listening to each other. You will be asked to play, so please bring something to work on with the instructor. This could be music you're learning or questions about your technique or music. This is a great way to get the direct insight of our outstanding faculty as they discuss your personal questions and concerns.

Group lessons are available at no additional charge and playing space can be reserved via the registration form.

Which Harp Ensemble class should I sign up for?

If you've never played in an ensemble before or have been playing only a few years, sign up for Harp Ensemble A. If you have previous ensemble experience and have been playing several years or more, sign up for Harp Ensemble B. If you'd like to try level two and discover that the music is too difficult, contact us and we will re-assign you to level one. You are welcome to sign up for both ensembles, but keep in mind that it will limit your Intensive Morning class selection. 

I'm really a beginner and I'm a little nervous about attending this seminar. Will I be in over my head?

‚ÄčAbsolutely not! Many beginners attend Beginning in the Middle. You will learn a great deal from observing those with more experience, and we've carefully chosen our instructors for their ability to work with harpists at all skill levels, including those just starting out. Take note of the "levels" guidelines, and choose the classes that are right for you. If you are confused or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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