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Prior to marrying harpist Mary Jane in 1996, David was the owner of Southern Music Center, a successful Richmond based music retail company where he also did extensive instrument repair. David graduated from the University of Richmond with a chemistry degree, but enjoyed playing saxophone and working in the D’Arville family store so much, he chose a very different path for his career. David opened the Virginia Harp Center in Midlothian in 1997 and extended the company to include a second showroom location in Haddonfield, NJ in 2002 before opening the Atlanta Harp Center in 2008. 

David enjoys traveling the East Coast in the infamous VHC white van while transporting harps, meeting customers, and stealing time to watch a baseball game. The D’Arvilles have two children and live in Richmond, VA. 

David aspires to someday own a sports car that will not fit a harp.

david d'Arville, owner