level Iii

You have been playing for a while now and have some ensemble experience under your belt. You are starting to feel confident in your technique and your ability to get around the harp. You are looking for ways to take your harp playing to the next level and are starting to work on ways to make your playing more artistic.

Harp required?

You are encouraged to bring your harp, however there are several classes available that do not require you to have your own instrument. We do have "shared harps" available for use in the harp optional classes and participants are welcome to use them. Rental harps for the weekend are not available.

To help you make the best class and workshop choices, we offer a level guideline. Determine which level best describes you, and look for the corresponding level number after each class description.

class levels


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level I

​​You have been playing a very short time, maybe a few months or a year, and are still acclimating to the harp. You hear the music you want to play, but have a hard time reproducing these sounds on the harp. You find maintaining good hand position or getting through a song without stopping many times challenging. You may be new to music entirely and still learning to read notes. You are hoping your weekend at Beginning in the Middle will provide new levels of inspiration and information.

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level Ii

You have been playing for a year or two and have some lessons under your belt. You understand basic hand position and note reading, but sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on so many things at one time! You have some songs in your repertoire, and aspire to play them more effortlessly and take your playing to a new level. You are shy about playing in front of others, but have thought about giving it a try, perhaps this year at Beginning in the Middle.

"I enjoyed being with other adults who began their studies late in life. For many of us, music is a challenge but something we enjoy that enriches our lives.  Thanks for such a well planned conference and fostering our love for the harp."

-L.H. (Miamisburg, OH)