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From Hymnal to Harp                  INSTRUCTOR: Frank Voltz
LEVELS: ALL                                    HARP REQUIRED? No

Back by popular demand…If you think jazz harp in church is beyond the boundaries of religion - think again! We're going to wake everyone up in the pews!  In this hands-on workshop, we will take hymns and create jazzy arrangements.  You’ll be also able to apply the jazz styles and techniques you learn in this class to your pop tunes .

Group Lessons                               INSTRUCTOR: All

LEVELS: ALL                                    HARP REQUIRED? No

A group lesson is limited to four people who work one-on-one with the instructor for about 15 minutes. Others may observe but not participate in the lesson. You will learn by listening to each other. You will be asked to play, so bring something to work on with the instructor. This could be music you're learning or questions about your technique or music. This is a great way to get the direct insight of our outstanding faculty as they discuss your personal questions and concerns.

Hear it, Like it, Buy It!                  INSTRUCTOR: TBA
LEVELS: All                                      HARP REQUIRED? No

This popular BITM class give you a chance to hear harp music played by a professional harpist so that you can decide if it's something you might want to add to your own library. We'll come armed with lots of favorites we that you'd like to hear, but you can also bring things you'd like our harpists to play.

I Hear a Harp                                  INSTRUCTOR: TBA

LEVELS: All                                      HARP REQUIRED? No
Are you overwhelmed by choices when you walk onto the floor of a harp showroom? Do you wonder about the differences in sound between each make and model? In this class, which takes place in the exhibit room (only open to class members during this time), a professional harpist will play and describe different instruments so you can make a side-by-side comparison of each one's sound. Virginia Harp Center offers the largest selection of harp makers in the country, so take advantage of this opportunity to hear them all!

Movin' n' Groovin'                        INSTRUCTOR: Lynne Aspnes
LEVELS: ALL                                    HARP REQUIRED? No

We may all move to the rhythm of a different drummer, but there are those times when we have to stay true to the rhythms on the written page, too!  In this class you will focus on developing skills to recognize rhythmic patterns and groupings with confidence, and to feel and express rhythm in our playing, right from the start! We will be movin’ on our feet and putting the groove into our music in no time! 
 [She recommends bringing along a copy of Rhythmic Training, by Robert Starer (available through Virginia Harp Center) for reference (optional).

Musical Sandwiches                    INSTRUCTOR: Kim Robertson 

LEVELS: ALL                                   HARP REQUIRED? No
Discover the secret to Kim's signature "Sandwiches" and bring a new dimension to your playing!  These cross-hand arpeggios patterns sound complex, but are simple to play. Using recipes for various harmonic and rhythmic patterns, they can instantly expand arrangements when used for accompaniments, introductions & interlude "safety nets" or as transitions between pieces. This versatile skill is Ideal for harpists who'd like to get off the page and play more freely. 

String Changing Seminar           INSTRUCTOR: Amy Roberts
LEVELS: All                                     HARP REQUIRED? No

This class is for anyone who gets a knot in their stomach just thinking about what would happen if a string broke and you had to change it in a hurry. We will show you how to tie a basic knot and know to secure a string to the tuning pin. If time permits, we'll also talk about changing wire strings.

The Icing on the Cake!         INSTRUCTOR: Robbin Gordon-Cartier
LEVELS: ALL                             HARP REQUIRED? No

Use special effects to enhance your music and add dimension to your playing. This class offers an overview of harp notation, effects, and techniques as used by modern harp composers such as Andres, Salzedo, and Ortiz. You’ll also receive practical tips on how to achieve the effects and make them sound brilliant!

Passion Meets Performance: Baroque Flamenco Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Deborah Henson-Conant

LEVELS: ALL HARP                      HARP REQUIRED? Optional

Do you want to play with fire? Do you long to truly express your SELF with your music? This workshop will jump start your path to playing with greater passion, no matter what level you are!  You’ll learn about finding the core of the melody and “anchoring” the rhythm to one of the coolest harp pieces ever, DHC’s Baroque Flamenco. Transfer these skill to your pieces to breathe more life into all of your music .

Think Outside the Vox
INSTRUCTOR: Ashley Collins
LEVELS: ALL HARP                      HARP REQUIRED? Optional

Have you ever wanted to write your own songs but didn’t know where or how to start? Creative self expression is the focus of this freestyle improvisation within the structure of a guided session.  In a casual and interactive learning environment, participants will contribute musical ideas to create a group song. No need for sheet music, this is a free form, free flowing and free flying experience!

 Zen and the Art of Harp Maintenance:


LEVELS: ALL                                   HARP REQUIRED? Optional

This class has been a staple of the BITM repertoire for many years and we are so happy Howard will join us for one final harp "autopsy".  A companion favorite, Howard puts everyone at ease as they traverse the complexities of this crazy instrument we've fallen in love with!  Friendly and ever so patient, Howard will discuss how to inspect a harp and treat you to a unique glimpse of the inner workings of the harp.


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These one hour general-session classes are offered throughout the afternoon and on Sunday. Some are offered only once, while others are offered twice over the weekend.

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